Camping in Lake George

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend.  For the holiday weekend, we went camping up at Schroon Valley Resort in Lake George.  Camping on vacation is a little different than a vacation when you stay at a hotel.  It seems to make you forget everything(in a good way).

Lake George is definitely a big tourist area.  It’s also a really beautiful area.  Let’s start off with a few pictures.

There are few attractions in the area, that have peaked my interest in the past, and I got to experience one of them this past weekend.  There is Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House, and there’s a wax museum.  We opted to check out the wax museum.  Now this wasn’t a typical celebrity or historical wax museum.  It seems the theme here was death and horror.  There were scenes of grisly murder, as well as scenes depicting the Salem witch trials, and even Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.  I asked if I could take pictures inside, and was told I could, just without the flash.  I couldn’t get the flash to shut off, so I only got a few shots inside of the attraction(and the didn’t come out too good).  But I also got a few shots inside of the lobby(where the flash wasn’t an issue).

It was a pretty decent sized walk through and great in it’s own cheesy way.  I will be going back to Lake George in September(for the Adirondack Nationals car show), so I’ll make it a point to go to Dr. Morbid’s and see which one is better.

My favorite part of these waterfront communities is the casino arcades.  Of course the prizes are never worth the amount of money you plunk down to win them, but it’s all about the thrill of winning!  The highlight of these games was when my wife hit 300 tickets on a single quarter.  Among all of the ticket spitting machines, you have you typical video games.  The picture I took of the classics accidentally got deleted, but I did get a few shots of the pinball machines.  I played 2 games on the Funhouse one, which is one of my all time favorite pinball games.

And I had to toss a quarter into this!

For 25 cents, the parrot will spin and flap it’s wings, then say, “I love the sound of money.  Here comes your present.”.  After the show, you get a little plastic egg with a small prize inside(like any toy vending machine, except it’s a plastic Easter egg)  The prizes aren’t all that great(I got a little plastic box to put teeth into for the tooth fairy), but the parrot’s performance is so worth it.

We ended up getting a decent amount of tickets for what we spent, so we got a few decent prizes.  My wife got a nice pink folding knife(which is very sharp), and a souvenir glass.  This is what I got.

I got the Ultimate Spider-Man “Action Vignette Figure” from one of the shops across the street.  These were $2.99 and they were blind-boxed.  I was hoping to get Venom, but this one’s alright.  It’s got nice color, but it’s got limited articulation.  I had to get the gumball machine because I have always wanted one.  This one is metal and glass, and for 800 points, seems to be of decent quality.  The car is a “Burnin’ Key Car”.  I remember a few different cars with this feature from when I was younger.  The name also sounds familiar, but Maisto isn’t a brand that I remember.  It’s still going to be a cool car to play with.

On the fourth there were fireworks, but again, I didn’t get many good pictures.  I did manage to get a couple though.

I had a great vacation here, and I can’t wait to go again in September.  I also managed to find a pawn shop in the area.  There was decent video game selection, and I ended up with a bunch of games to add to my NES collection.

I ended up paying $28.00 for all of those games(I made 2 separate trips).  I needed all of them except for Tecmo Super Bowl(the one I have acts screwy).  On my first trip I saw Turtles IV” Turtles in Time”(for SNES).  I went back the next day and it was still on the shelf, but I was informed that it just sold on Amazon!  Dammit!!  That was the only sucky part about the whole vacation, so I’m obviously not disappointed(although I really want that game).

So what did everyone else do?  Find anything at the garage sales?  Let’s hear about it.

6 Responses to “Camping in Lake George”

  1. Ah, Lake George. I used to go up there with my family every summer until a few years ago when we got bored of it. Every summer for about 20 years and the scenery rarely changed.

    I know exactly which arcade you went to. Sure, there’s only 2 there now, but you went to the awesome one! Did they still have the “mash the crocodiles with the foam mallet” game? That was a childhood favorite of mine.

    BTW, I FINALLY found Generations Wheeljack & Thundercracker! Warpath was there, too, but I had to leave him behind because I’m trying not to spend money. Recently lost my job and all that. :/

    • There are actually 3 casino arcades in the area. I went to all of them, but only played games for tickets at one of them. They still have that crocodile/mallet game. I’m glad you finally found those 2 figures. They’re definitely 2 of the best to come out of the Generations line. I too, saw Warpath when I picked up Wheeljack and Thundercracker, but I had limited funds, and he’s not a character that I was really into back in the day.

      • I keep forgetting about that arcade that’s in the mini golf! I’ve never been in that one, that’s probably why I don’t remember it. lol

        Don’t know if you got Generations Kup & Scourge, but I definitely recommend them, too. Very well-made figures. I didn’t pick up Warpath because he’s like the 4th tank transformer in the latest Generations wave. There’s Darkmount (a re-named Straxus), Skullgrin (a recolor of Straxus/Darkmount), Galvatron was released a few years back, and now there’s Warpath.

        My neck of the woods never got Reveal The Shield figures, so I missed out on guys like Tracks, G2 Laser Prime, Perceptor, and Wreck-Gar. Plus the 3 voyagers, Lugnut, Grapple, and the other one that’s a plane.

  2. jboypacman Says:

    Looks like a great time wish me and Mrs.Jboypacman could of been there with you guys. : )

    Burning Key Cars! Awesome.

  3. Hey there. I’m staying up tonight catching up on all the blogs that I read that I’ve been ignoring lately. Sorry I haven’t been around. Looks like you’ve been doing really well on the toy/collectible front. Nice score with the McDonalds record. I totally remember listening to that a million times as a kid.

  4. Duck Tales, woo hoo! Love that game. I want the sequel, but the dang thing commands way too much $$ on the secondary market. Why is it that people still try to sell most NES games for too much money? Rygar is a blast…better than the arcade version IMO.

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