Apocalypse, Now!

First off.  I would like to say, that I know that the title of this post is cheesy.  But c’mon, how could I not use it?

I was perusing the toy aisles at Target, and with no luck in the Transformers department, I decided to check out the comic-related releases.  I have heard mixed reviews about the Marvel Universe line, and I myself haven’t been too impressed.  Up to this point, I haven’t bought a single figure from the line.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a handful of figures that I would like to have(gray Hulk, Spiderman 2099 etc.).  But most of the time I couldn’t find a figure on the pegs that I wanted, and $7.99 seemed steep for the size of the figures.  That thought changed when I spotted this guy!

Apocalypse here is massive!  The heft of this figure justified the $7.99 price tag, in my mind.  Apocalypse has long been one of my favorite villains(along with Thanos), and this is the best looking figure of him that I’ve ever seen.  We have come to a time where action figures for comic book properties are on par with how they are meant to look.  The articulation is getting insane, and the same mold isn’t getting used for the whole line.  Just as an example, here is a comparison shot of the above Apocalypse and the 1991 Toy Biz version.

See what I mean?  The 1991 version looks like a tall skinny version of someone who looks like Apocalypse.  The new Marvel Universe version looks like the real deal.  He’s big, bulky and intimidating.  I don’t think there’s a figure I have that he couldn’t take.  🙂

Intimidating, right?  My only gripe is his shoulder pads.  They’re not necessary and they inhibit his arms from going up very high.  Other than that, I have no complaints.  I’ll give him a 9.5 out of 10.

Remember when I said that I don’t think that I have a figure that could take him on?  I caught him shaking down Iron Man for his milk money.

6 Responses to “Apocalypse, Now!”

  1. Like I said- that is AWESOME! I like those old ToyBiz guys, have a bunch of 10″ from that line that are cool- remember: they were the best money could buy back then LOL! Toys have come a long way, obviously, and we live in a great time for them right now 🙂

  2. Church Says:

    Love this figure! I have a bunch of this particular line of Marvel figs and I enjoy them. I do think the price tag is a little steep but I agree with you that the larger sculpts DO feel worth it…I have gray, green and red Hulks but no Apocalypse just yet but I’ll def be on the lookout!

    Thanks for the review man!

  3. jboypacman Says:

    He is a hefty looking figure for sure and well worth the eight bucks. Congrats on him buddy.

  4. The detail looks pretty decent. I remember in the mid 90s having a very basic Apocalypse in plain blue skin – probably based on an animated version (when the cartoons were popular). You got some ‘display worthy’ stuff on your hands.

  5. Wow, I like these toys!!

  6. […] will need to get a few shot’s Thanos and Apocalypse together, which will be a showcase of awesomeness!  If you see this figure in your travels, I […]

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