Mail Call!!

For the past week I’ve been waiting anxiously for a package to arrive in the mail.  Any time I know something is coming for me, I watch the mailbox like a hawk!  This package was coming from none other than Brian, the man behind Cool and Collected(check it out, I’ll still be here).  He had acquired some stuff he was taking offers on, and we made a deal.

Without further adieu…

These are some freebies Brian included(thanks, man!!).  I already have these McDonald’s Turtles, but I’ll find them a good home.  Plus some Garbage Pail Kids from 2003.  I thought those 2 were the only ones in the box, until my wife was breaking up the box and asked, “Should these be here?”.  There were a whole bunch more that slipped in under the flaps of the box, that were totally hidden from view!  Brian you really know how to make someone smile!

Here we have “ass-less” Army Ants.  These guys came with bright green abdomens, that were for some reason, removable.  Of course we kids would remove them and lose them shortly after.  I remember getting them suctioned to my tongue, like you would with the small tops of Bic pens.  I didn’t have any of these guys in my collection, so it’s not a big deal right now.  Also in this picture you’ll see Bumper from the The Crash Dummies line.  If I remember correctly, he was paired with Hubcat.

On the left we have Megatron from Transformers Animated(another freebie!).  I really dig the figures from the Animated line, and this was one I didn’t have.  He’s from “The Battle Begins” 2-pack from 2008.  I found the Optimus Prime from this set last year, you can see him here.  All I need is Optimus’ axe accessory, and I’ll be set.  To the right, we have Runabout from 1986.  He’s missing his arms, but still a nice addition to the collection.  The rub sign on this guy works even better than the new Reveal the Shield figures(and he’s 25 years old).

And this last one surprised the hell out of me.  It’s one of the aliens from Independance day.  I thought this guy was maybe 8 inches tall.  How wrong I was!

(“Release me.”)

This guy is like a foot tall!  He’s missing one of the tentacles that keep him balanced, but it doesn’t hinder him from standing up.  I put some new batteries in it, and the action features still work.  The “A” function just makes a loud alien noise, while the “B” function makes the noise, and the head splits open!  If you’ve seen the movie, you know this is basically an exo-suit for the actual aliens(who are way smaller).  This thing is awesome!  Now I have to find one of those little aliens(which I used to have years ago).

Thanks again Brian, not only did you give me a great deal, you made my week!

7 Responses to “Mail Call!!”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Awesome Jason congrats buddy. : )

  2. Nice score, Jason! That alien is wicked awesome, I have to admit I’m a little jealous. 😀

    • The picture doesn’t do justice for this. It is monstrous! If I had to compare it to anything, it would probably be a little smaller than Tendril from the Inhumanoids line.

  3. i just got one of those ID4 aliens at a flea mkt about 2 weekends ago. what I actually bought was a 90s TMNT figure case that had a bunch of loose figures inside. got all 4 turtles + splinter and rocksteady for $12. then there was also 2 loose alien v predator figures and the ID4 guy. He’s a smaller, blue version, and has all the tentacles and the little alien inside too. I wasn’t too interested at first in the non-turtle figures, but I just got around to setting up the ID4 guy with all the tentacles and he looks sweet. I quite like him!

  4. oh yeah, and also in that case was a Transformer Shredder. He’s a Shredder figure that transforms into some sort of drilling car vehicle thing. he’s really rad!

  5. Hey Jason, I’m glad the package arrived, and I’m happy to hear you didn’t have that Megatron. Sorry about the missing arms on that Runabout car, I didn’t realize there were supposed to be arms! (As you know, Transformers are not my thing!)

    I told you that alien was big. 😉

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