I Finally Found Pitch Black!!(a.k.a.-Beverage Review #5)

It’s true.  I finally found Mountain Dew Pitch Black!!  I have actively been searching for this ever since I heard the news of it’s release.  I knew it was going to happen, and the suspense was killing me.  A few blogs that I frequent were finding and reviewing it, so it was only a matter of time.  That time was today.

I found these at a Hess station a few miles from my job.  I figured I had the best shot at finding Pitch Black there, as they always have a large selection of beverages.  Not only did they have it, they had a 2 for $2.00 deal going on!

When I was pouring it into the glass, I noticed traces of blue in the foam.  The color is very nice.  As far as flavor, it tastes kind of like a carbonated grape popsicle.  I remember trying Pitch Black when it first arrived in 2004 and 2005(Pitch Black II), and not particularly loving it.  And tasting it now, my thoughts have changed, I really dig it!  There aren’t too many grape sodas out there, and this one is quite good.  I will be buying this as often as possible, as it’s only available for a scant 8 weeks.  While I’m happy that it’s available, it’s limited edition.  And if it’s going to be limited, I’m with the others who think it should be offered during the Halloween season.  Matt from X-Entertainment has written about Pitch Black Multiple times.  Read his take on the first edition of Pitch black here.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  If you see it, do yourself a favor and grab one!

10 Responses to “I Finally Found Pitch Black!!(a.k.a.-Beverage Review #5)”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Hmm black colored Mountain Dew i might have to try it.

  2. Nice review. I really wish we had the different Mtn Dew flavours in Canada. I was in the U.S. last week but couldn’t find Pitch Black in can form. I’m a fan of the design/colour scheme. It’s interesting that a blue foam appears when poured – similar to diet Ultra Violet. Good to hear you’re a fan.

    • It’s limited, but very good. I always have to try a soda that’s limited edition. I hope you guys are able to get in on this, my good friend to the north! 🙂

  3. Mmmm grape! It never occurred to me that Pitch Black was such a find. I’m almost certain I’ve seen it in various gas stations on my commute. Now I’m gonna have to stop by the Hess station and pick some up after work today!

    • Crazy right? If you’re going to Hess, take advantage of the 2 for $2.00(if they have that deal in Florida). Good to see you’re back Bobby! Are we gonna see another post sometime soon?! 🙂

      • I’m all over that 2 for $2! Probably won’t have another post for a few more weeks. Work has been absolutely crazy the past few months. But I’ve got a few posts (and reviews for an anime site that I’m ridiculously late on) lined up.

  4. I’m already having a hard time finding it and I just wrote about it a week ago myself. I guess Pepsi wasn’t kidding when they said “Limited Edition” on this one… I’m thinking if it sells well enough, we’ll get a proper October release of Pitch Black.

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