All That Jazz…And Some Other Stuff

Well, I guess that I have recovered from the laziness that caused my absence for this week.  But that means that I have a few things to share with you!

The “Jazz ” part of the title refers to this guy.

 I found this at a not so local Target.  The only sign of this line locally is the Battle in Space set that I picked up at Wal-Mart.  So, around 3 weeks ago, I’m perusing the toy aisles at the not so local Target and stumble upon a small selection of the Reveal the Shield figures.  There were one of each of the following…Special Ops Jazz, Perceptor, Turbo Tracks, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee.  So it was a tough choice, as I could only go home with one of them.  I narrowed it down to Perceptor and Jazz.  And while I thought Perceptor looked great in his robot mode, I thought Jazz looked more true to his G1 roots in both modes, this being the reason he was chosen.

Seems like I got a good deal.  Being that it only cost $8.38, on clearance from the original price of $11.99*cringe*.  It’s a fun enough toy, and looks very nice in either mode.

Nice, right?  I think so.

But my preference for display is always robot mode.  And this figure is a good reason why.

Very nice!

Now, onto the “other stuff”.

My friend Chris gave me a pack of these Garbage Pail Kids Flashback cards yesterday.  I’m thinking the pack must have been from one of those “Value” boxes they sell, as the pack only contained 4 cards(the pack I bought had 8 cards).  These are all classics I remember from the original releases.


Last night my band played at a local bar(the show was great!).  And as everyone knows, McDonald’s breakfast is the perfect cure after a night of drinking.  But I’m not here to tell you about what I ate for breakfast.  I just wanted to give you a little background on how I came into possession of what I’m about to show you.

So anyway…

We were driving to our closest McDonald’s, when I noticed a tag sale at one of the town’s churches.  After we picked up our food, I made my wife stop at the tag sale.  I found one item I was interested in, and inquired how much they wanted for it, and was told the sale was based on however much I wanted to donate.  With this information, I decided to see if there was anything else of interest.  And there was!

Here’s what a $1.00 donation got me.

This was the item that I inquired about.  I totally forgot that there was an animated Ace Ventura series!  The cover art alone is what got me to pick it up(a great representation of Jim Carrey).  It’s just a bonus that it’s a published by Troll.(1997)

And there’s this.

From Mego, we have Pulsonic Baseball II, “The World Series of Deluxe Computerized Baseball”(was there stiff competition in the computerized baseball field?).  Chris was with us, and said he had this as a kid and remembered that it was fun.  I took his word for it and bundled it with the Ace Ventura book.  I’m probably going to sell it, so I tested it out to make sure that it worked.  It did, and Chris didn’t lie, it’s actually really fun to play!

This was everything that was in the box.  Looks like it’s missing the piece with the logo that prevents cheating when playing against a human opponent.  The other plus is that it is copyrighted 1979, which is the same year I was born.  Considering it’s age, it’s still quite fun(looks like we have something else in common 🙂 )

10 Responses to “All That Jazz…And Some Other Stuff”

  1. that was a good deal on Jazz, i feel… i totally forgot about that animated Ace Ventura show LOL! I did remember the Mego baseball game- I’ve played one before 😀

  2. jboypacman Says:

    Great scores Jason! Target has all of there Transformers marked down at the moment to make room for the new Dark of the Moon figures am thinking.

    Funny store on those Garbage Pail Kids i was driving through Taco Bell the other night to grab some dinner for myself as the wife was working late and what do i see stuck to a pole as am waiting in line? A Garbage Pail Kids Sticker lol. I think it was Cut-Out Cal.

    Love the Mego baseball handheld too i collect these old electronic games and that one looks to be in fantastic shape. : )

  3. Great find on that Jazz, dude! Pity you could only go back with one of them, because Perceptor is prety tough to find. But no, the Reveal the Shield version of him is rather more pink han red, so great choice! 🙂

    • I think it was the color that turned me off. Plus, a microscope is cooler than some weird vehicle(I guess I’m just old school). I think I may have to try and find one of the older ones(original, preferably).

  4. Great stuff for sure I loved Ace Ventura cartoon! ^_^

  5. Great find with that baseball handheld, it looks fantastic!

  6. I thought about picking up Jazz, but I keep holding out for a Wheeljack, might have to settle on a Jazz, lol.

    Great score and price.

    • Jazz is a good one. Wheeljack is part of the Generations line, which means he doesn’t have the cool rub sign. I have had no luck finding him either. I’ll still keep looking though.

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