1988 California Raisins Sticker Album

I was searching for this for a long time.

Back when I was a kid, sticker albums were a decent alternative for the times we didn’t get toys.  They were pretty cheap, so it was pretty easy to sucker your parents into buying you one when you knew that a toy might be out of the question.  Why blow a chance to get something, right?  Most of the time stores would sell the albums right along side packs of the stickers.  But there were also times you could find an album pre-packaged along with packs of the corresponding stickers.  I got this one pre-packaged with the sticker packs.

I had this specific album 2 times growing up, but I only remember the second one coming pre-packaged.  Panini was the company that usually put these stickers and albums on the market, but Diamond produced this one.  The stickers available were of the claymation Raisins as well as their cartoon counterparts.  These raisins were a hot property during the latter stages of the eighties.

The ten packs yielded only 3 doubles, and I still have a long way to go to complete the book.  I took my time and tried to put them in as straight as possible.  Some of the stickers didn’t match up when you had 2 or 4 stickers to complete a scene.  But I guess that’s expected from something like this, considering the time it came out.  Not only did you get to have fun collecting the stickers for this album, but the whole inside of the book is all in 3-D!

The book comes with 2 “Slide-O-Scopes”, rather than the traditional 3-D glasses.  It works by sliding the cover over the red and then the blue, and vice versa.  It works well enough.

Here, on the inside back cover, we have an ad for the Diamond Collector’s Club.  Here you could order the stickers you needed to complete your collection.  Let’s face it, you’d have to buy a shit-load of stickers to complete one of these albums, so this was a much easier and cheaper alternative.  The funny thing is, is that they would only process orders for 10 or 20 stickers ONLY.  10 stickers for $1.00 or 20 stickers for $2.00 + a $1.00 handling charge.  Man, times have changed!

I’ll leave you with a few additional photos.

4 Responses to “1988 California Raisins Sticker Album”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Never had any sticker books that i can remember i used to get giant coloring books(these were really giant in size) and colorforms and view master reels as my cheap “toy” fix lol.

    • Yes! I remember getting those gigantic coloring books as well. These sticker albums were big sellers in the mid to late eighties, so you may have missed them, depending on your age. They had sports albums as well as all of the big licenses for kiddie properties(Transformers, G.I. Joe etc) back then.

  2. Man… I remember going bonkers for the California Raisins as a kid, especially the figures. While I don’t remember ever having a sticker book per se, I do kinda remember Slide-O-Scopes or at least something like them. Sweet!

    • I think the big draw(for me anyway), for The California Raisins was the claymation. It’s definitely a lost art. I’m also a huge fan of the Noid from the old Domino’s promotions(although the NES game wasn’t all that great, even though it came from Capcom).

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