My Favorite Comic Book Covers #3

In my last post, I said that I would leave tonight’s post up to you.  Colin was the first to respond, and he said that he wanted to see some more comic book covers.  So that’s what we’re here for.

I really wanted to put this one on my last comic cover post(The #1s).  But there are so many #1 comics out there, and only so many can be put on a single post(plus everyone’s opinion varies).  This is a now classic cover from Todd McFarlane.  Back in the early nineties, Marvel had a huge selection of the best comic talent working for them.  This cover is the reason that I think McFarlane’s representation of Spider-Man is among the best that I’ve seen.

This cover has two things going for it.  First it’s done by Sam Kieth(my favorite comic book artist), and secondly, it’s a Batman comic!  Batman is huge and looks pissed, and the Joker looks psychotic!  Not all of Kieth’s work is the same, but it all has his touch(look at Four Women for example).  Many of you will know Kieth as the creator of The Maxx.  And if you’re my age, you’ll remember that he did a slew of Marvel Comics Presents covers back in the early nineties(and these were double covered comics, with one on the front and one on the back).  This is one of favorite Sam Kieth covers ever!

How can you not like this cover?!  It works so well!  I started reading this title around issue #34, and while my interest started to wane after 10 or so issues, the covers that continued to come out, gave me a reason to buy them anyway(I still read them).

My favorite incarnation of the Turtles, will always be the original old-school comic look.  I’d say the first four issues have the best cover art, but this is my favorite “Tales” cover.  Just looking at this cover has me wanting to re-read the series and fill the holes in my collection.

Jim Lee is an amazing artist, and his run with Batman had some really nice cover art.  It’s the top 2 guys on the DC roster, but they don’t look so friendly.  It could be assumed that this scenario(Batman being human and Super-Man being a powerful alien) would be the likely one, but I’m pretty sure Batman has Kryptonite in his utility belt(I really need to start re-reading my comics).


A short while back, Open the Toy wrote a post about Eric Draven(The Crow).  In the comments I stated that I had a hand drawn sketch from none other, than J. O’Barr himself(creator of The Crow).  LEon, who runs that site asked if I would share the sketch with everyone.  Well, I figured with tonight’s subject matter, it would be fitting.  So LEon, this one’s for you.

7 Responses to “My Favorite Comic Book Covers #3”

  1. Thanx Man- those were the best yet! Makes me wonder what else ya got…Hmmmm?

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    I used to own a autographed edition of that Spider-Man comic but it is long sense gone lost in one of my many moves.

  3. WOw that is pure awesomeness!!! It is GOld to have J. O’Barr sketching for you! The spider-man by Mcfarlane is another gold collection too! Thanks for sharing. Really make my day. 😀

  4. That Spider-Man #1 cover by McFarlane is easily one of the best ever. I can’t believe Jboypacman had it autographed and lost it. OUCH! I like the Jim Lee one, too. It’s been awhile, but I think Supes gave Batman a Kryptonite ring to use in case he ever lost his mind and was a threat to humanity. I could be wrong though. Anyway, nice post!

  5. Love the Hulk TMNT covers. I’m a big fan of comic book cover art so I really enjoy these posts! When I started the Green Lantern Blackest Night series I also hopped on the next “event” called Brightest Day. Brightest Day had a really cool series of variant covers that you can actually line up and they create a pretty cool interlocking poster thingy. I picked up a few of those covers but the cheapest I could find some of them were $7/apiece! A little rich for my blood.

    Check out the first couple covers pieced together here

    I guess that’s one way to make someone buy all your books…lol.

  6. TMNT ftw! Sexy cover art!

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