More Mega Blok’s Mini-Figs & GPK Flashback

Friday after work, I swung by my local Wal-Mart(I’m sure you already knew that), to get some more of those cool Mega Bloks Marvel Universe mini figures.  Just like the Lego mini-figs, there are certain numbers on the bag(above the barcode), to coordinate with the figures in the bags.  After receiving a tip from Chunky B. and Jboypacman, I headed to Wally World with my “cheat sheet” in hand.  Here are the 2 that headed home with me.

I figured I’d get the classic Spider-Man because it would accent the Venom that I already have.  I got Green Goblin because of the sweet accessories, and because he’s the super-rare figure of the set.  And it seems like we will be seeing a second series.  The checklists that come with every figure say “series 2 coming soon”(sweet!).

Along with the mini-figs, I also picked up Howard the Duck on DVD for five bucks, as well as this sweet impulse buy, right near the register.

These Garbage Pail Kids are titled “Flashback” because they are reprints of the original ones from the eighties(with a few minor changes from the originals).  Let’s take a look.

These are Series 2, so I didn’t expect to get the good ones, but there are a couple of ones I do remember(Jolted Joel, Alien Alan).  The Unzipped Zack is a pink bordered parallel(1 in 3 packs).  You’ll notice that the last card pictured(Bad Art), is missing the Flashback under the GPK logo.  This is because it is a “Lost” Garbage Pail Kid.  This was one that never made it into the series we got as kids.  I think that is pretty cool, something old, yet new.  The ones I got, for the most part, just have pieces of puzzles on the back.  I was hoping for some with those gross awards on the back(remember them?).

At $1.98 a pack, I think they’re a bit over priced(they used to be 25 cents a pack back in the day), but they are pretty fun, and I wouldn’t mind getting a few more.  I did pick up a few other thing that will get worked in here at some point this week.  Including Transformers, trading cards and an all-new Beverage Review!  For now, I’ll just leave you with this.

8 Responses to “More Mega Blok’s Mini-Figs & GPK Flashback”

  1. Jboypacman Says:

    Great deal! I picked up two more of those Mega Block Marvels myself as well and i will be posting about them shortly. I did notice on my last trip that the “code” had moved on the packages and was harder to see than the first time i tried and used them but i still had success with them however.

    I was just looking at those Garbage Pail Kids cards the other day at Target and asked my wife if she remember them and i was surprised when she said she didn’t! lol.

    • Really?! How could she not remember them?

      • Jboypacman Says:

        I don’t Jason GPK were all the rage when i was younger and my wife is only a year younger than me so i can’t figure it out so i might have to buy a pack or two of the new ones to show here them.

  2. I still haven’t found these at ours, I will have to check the one close to work. Awesome that you got Green Goblin!

    • That sucks! Let me know if you still aren’t able to find them. I may be able to pick a few up for you. I wouldn’t have been able to get Green Goblin without your help Chunky. 🙂

  3. Hey man, really enjoyed the this post as well as the update on the toy shelf. Since me and my wife found out we’re going to be having a little one I’m moving my stuff to the basement area. I’ve carved out a nice little area on one side of the unfinished basement and started to put up some shelves. Only putting a select few figures up at the moment but I thought I’d post a few links to show you what’s up so far. Everything is new(er) as all my stuff before Christmas is packed up. Let me know what you think!

    • Nice!! I really like those B&W Turtles(I’ve told you this before). I’m also digging the Lego mini-figs. I recommend picking a few of the Mega Bloks Marvel mini-figs. They’re like a mix between Lego mini-figs and Mini Mates.

      Feel free to update me on the progress of the display.

  4. […] been from one of those “Value” boxes they sell, as the pack only contained 4 cards(the pack I bought had 8 cards).  These are all classics I remember from the original […]

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