After Work Finds at Wal-Mart

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to return the bin of bottles and cans behind my apartment after work today.  I should have done this weeks ago!  I got 9 dollars from this and decided I would hit up Wal-Mart to check out the toy aisles.  I mean, I just got a couple of extra dollars, right?

I spent less than $4.00, and got two very nice toys.

I have been reading about people finding Back to the Future “time machines” Hot Wheels cars in their areas, so I checked out the selection, specifically for that.  No luck.  But I was able to find the ’81 Delorean DMC-12.  Ever since I saw Back to the Future back in the day, I have always thought Deloreans were some of the coolest looking cars.  If I had the money I would definitely look into buying one.  A couple of years ago, a local car dealership had one of these displayed next to the entrance with the gull-wing doors up.  While it was very nice to see in person, the pricetag was a little too rich for my taste, at $15,000.  This one set me back 98 cents!

Venturing towards the bicycle section, and past the Lego selection, I found a small assortment of Mega Bloks.  Nothing caught my eye until I looked at the Halo mini figures and there were a couple packages of these mixed in.

These are kind of like the blind bag Lego mini figures, except that these guys have a little more articulation.  They peaked my curiosity, so I grabbed one.  Looking at the package, I was hoping to get the black costume Spider-Man.  But I would have settled for the regular Spider-Man, Armored Spider-Man or Venom.

I got Venom!!  You get all of the limbs needed to make a figure, as well as a Mega Blok brick for a display stand and a little flyer showing you the figures and their rarity.  Venom is a common one.

Green Goblin is the super rare one of the series.

I guess the accessories are supposed to be webs, because the other Spider-Men have them as well.  The guys are pretty poseable, and they twist at the waist(actually the sockets the legs go on, spin 360 degrees).  Overall, they’re very nice figures for their size, and worth the $2.50 they sell for.  I hope they keep this as an ongoing line, because I’d like to see a wider variety.

It looks like they even have vehicles and mini playsets.

Very cool!  I’ll probably get a few more.  🙂


8 Responses to “After Work Finds at Wal-Mart”

  1. Jboypacman Says:

    Those little Marvel figures look sweet i might have to invest in a couple.

  2. No way! That is too cool. I have an Iron Man from one of the little Mega Bloks sets, but this is a so much cooler way to get just the mini fig. I will have to go check out our Wally World for these. This would be a cool ongoing line.

    • Hopefully they will sell well enough to warrant another series. I think they went for what sells at the moment, with Iron Man and Spiderman. I really want that Black costume Spiderman!

  3. That Green Goblin looks really cool! A few too many variants in there for my tastes, but i definitely wouldn’t mind having a GG, Venom, or (reg) Spiderman. Nice Blog btw!

    • Thanks Stephen! The Green Goblin is the super rare one. War Machine and black costume Spiderman are uncommon. And the rest are all common. You might be able to score the Green Goblin by feeling the packages. He’s on the glider so it shouldn’t be too hard. Dan over at Dan’s Toy Museum found a way to decipher the bar codes on the Lego mini-figs, so I’m guessing the same would apply with these.

  4. A quick search turned up these codes posted here…

    Not sure if they work, I will have to check it out.

  5. Jboypacman Says:

    Jason i used the codes i got from the Spartan Blocks website to figure out what is in each package and scored a Black Suit Spider-Man and a War Machine. I like these guys am going to see about get a Green Goblin and a Battle Damage Iron Man if i can next. Head over to Spartan Blocks and get those codes it will make the hunt much easier even if it is cheating lol. Oh and i scored the Back To The Future car tonight too woot!

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