For Sale or Trade

Well, The 28 Day Challenge has been over for almost a week, and I still haven’t bought anything.  I’m at 35 days and counting.  Taxes will arrive soon, and the end of the drought will be here.  This will be a showcase of toys that I have for sale or for trade.  You guys know how it is.  You buy a lot off of Ebay, or a bag of toys for a couple of bucks at a yard sale, or just have some toys you don’t want anymore.  I will consider any offer.  Leave a comment and I’ll shoot you an e-mail.  A toy review will follow this listing(in a new post, of course).

First up we have nine different Marvel Universe “Miniature Posable Action Figures.  The following are available…


Human Torch

Dr. Doom

Doc Ock


Captain America




Here we have

Complete “Kid Vid Voice Module”

Gayla “Baby Bat” 42″ kite(1975)

Video Game Instruction Manuals

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt Manual(NES)

Super Mario Bros. #(NES)

Bases Loaded II(NES)

Sim City(SNES)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2(Genesis)

World Series Baseball ’95(Genesis)

Madden 2001(PC?)

SEGA Game Gear Poster

Random figures…does anyone know if the first 2 of manufactured by Takara?

Robot #1(Japanese text on the bottom of the feet.Japan)

Robot #2(Japanese text as well.Japan)

Cyclops(splits apart to reveal ?)


Tech Dech Dudes-  Cool dude(?), Crash Test Dummy(?), Metal Head(?)

Shaggy(limbs attached by string)

She-Ra Action Figure(1984 Mattel)

And lastly…

Computer Joystick(I have no idea what this goes with)

Bootleg(?) and Broken Transformer


I will add new items if there are any, and will update as items get sold/traded.

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