Some of my Favorite Non-Sports Trading Cards

You know I collect toys, video games and comics.  And you may have noticed I collect trading cards as well.  Like comic books, I get a few trading cards here and there.  Growing up, and up until 8 or 9 years ago, like comics, I used to regularly purchase trading cards.  My first taste of collecting cards, was like most young boys, with baseball cards.  My older brother and my step brother gave my younger brother and I a couple of binders full of baseball cards.  If I would’ve kept those, I’d have around 10 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards.

Over the years, cards I collected ranged from basketball to hockey to non-sports cards.  Back in the day, not only did Topps have all of the major sports licenses, but they also had all of the popular movie licenses, as well as the licenses for all the properties us kids were into.  Which means, there was quite a selection.  Through the years, technology has advanced, and there are always some type of new “chase” cards out there.  I remember when holograms were all the rage.  Now we have game-worn jersey cards, sketch cards, hell, back in the early nineties, there were Punisher insert(chase), cards that smelled like gun powder!  But enough with the history, let me show you some of my favorite non-sports trading cards!

I bought this for $5 at a sports card store in Westchester Square, in the Bronx.  I know Wizard routinely had trading cards sealed in a bag with the magazine during their early days.  But I don’t remember if these were for incentives for store owners if they ordered a certain amount of the magazine every month, or what.  It came straight from wizard sealed in a serial numbered case.  There was a Maxx promo card that did come with the magazine, but the artwork was different, and even though the information and card number were the same on both card backs, the paragraphs written on the back were different as well.  Here’s the regular card to compare with the one above(sorry, I didn’t scan the card backs).  And this card is also one of my favorites, even though I’m using it as a reference.

 We all remember Garbage Pail Kids, right?  Well in recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the series.  I say this because over the last 8-9 years, I have noticed newer series in Wal-Mart and Target.  Back in the eighties, GPK were your standard sticker/trading cards.  Now-a-days, there are all sorts of chase cards with varying gimmicks.  I got a few foil cards, and one of them is my second favorite GPK of all time.  And being that this card is foil, it just makes it that much cooler.  And for those of you wondering, Split Kit is my favorite(if you’re reading this and have an extra Split Kit, let me know if we can work out a deal).

Next, we have a card, whose subject matter is a staple of MAD magazine(which I’ve been reading since I was 8 years old).  Spy vs. Spy is one of my favorite features of MAD.  Remember when holograms were all the rage in the trading card and comic book communities?  Well, this card is from that era.  This is hologram #3 of 3.

Next up, is one of my most favorite Wacky Packages cards.  For those of you who don’t know, Wacky Packages is a trading card series that the Topps Company started in the 1970s.  Wacky Packages are parody cards of everyday brand name products. For example instead of Cherry Coke, they have Cherry Croak, and instead of Sweet n’ Low, they have Snot n’ Blow.  This one is a parody of McDonald’s Big Mac, and it’s a magnet insert card(#7 of 9), and it really works(it’s basically a cheap thin refrigerator magnet).

Last up for tonight, we have another foil card.  I remember where I acquired this one, but I have no idea where it originated from.  Was it inserted with a magazine?  Is it promotional?  It’s The Savage Dragon punching some guy’s head right of of his shoulders!  I think it’s a really cool card and the art work is bad-ass, but, I would really like to know it’s origins.  Of course, if you know, drop me a line.

This is just a small sample of cards from my collection.  If you liked this, let me know.  Maybe it’ll be another regular feature!

9 Responses to “Some of my Favorite Non-Sports Trading Cards”

  1. Nice Big Muc and Savage Dragon cards! Fun Stuff!

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    I used to collect a few cards back in the day but they have been long gone for a while.

  3. I have two notebooks full of cards from back then. One of them is full of all my baseball cards (I was really into it for a while), and the other is stuff like this. Mostly cards that came packaged with Wizard, but also a few entire collections of a few card lines — Jim Lee X-Men, Vampirella, and a really cool one that had paintings of all the Universal Monsters. Those were the days, man. Card collecting just isn’t the same now. I feel for kids because all they have is Pokemon and Magic the Gathering now.

  4. Hey man,

    Love the post. It’s so funny…I was cleaning out some things in the basement and came across a massive binder with a bunch of my old cards in it! I have lots of old Marvel and DC cards including old Batman (movie) and wrestling cards. I still have loads of long boxes with sports cards but the binder had “everything else”. Awesome post…btw, I love the Maxx cards! Would love to see another post on trading cards.

  5. Nice.

    I used to love Garbage Pail Kids for a few years when I was a kid. I collected them with friends for a couple years in the mid-80s and I had probably 60-70 of them from the 3rd to 8th series. They are long gone now, but definitely one of the things from my childhood that brings back the most sentimental memories! Blasted Billy/Adam Bomb was the one I wanted most but those 1st series ones were hard to come by!

    I don’t know if I agree with you about the foil making it cooler though:) I’m kind of a purist when it comes to these things: I want them exactly as I remember them (ie no foil) or not at all! 😉

  6. I’m not positive but I think the guy getting decapi-punch-tated in that Savage Dragon card might just be the artist himself, Erik Larsen. Oh and I’ll check and see if I have an extra Split Kit lying around…

  7. That reminds me, I also have the entire series of Batman cards from the first movie. As far as Garbage Pail kids, I remember trading them with my friends in the back of Sunday school. It was out dirty little secret.

    Shawn — Yeah, that does look a lot like Erik Larsen, but I don’t think he actually drew that particular card. Looks like a Joe Quesada thing to me.

  8. Those chrome card was hot in those eras in 80s and 90s. I have some of those with Marvel and other characters.

  9. Hello,

    You were asking about the Savage Dragon card’s specifics, I can tell you about it. It came with the magazine Collector’s Sport Looks. I bought it decades ago now, but I vaguely remember it being about sports collectables or something like that. The card came in the magazine as a promotional item. Don’t remember if it had any tie-in with an article or not, but I do remember the card coming with that month’s issue. Hope this is helpful!

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