Random Quickie #2 – The Official Nintendo Video Game Stick-Ons

As you may or may not know, I am a huge Nintendo fan.  Let me rephrase that.  I am a huge fan of Nintendo during the days of the NES.  Which is to say that I will buy pretty much anything from the 80’s that is related to Nintendo.  Back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was king of the mountain, there was very little that you could find without Nintendo branding.  Which is where today’s piece comes into the picture.  These stickers were one of the first things I purchased off of Ebay(2007).  If memory serves me correctly, these came from Hawaii and ran me less than $5.00, shipping included.  The one pictured below is one of a few different assortments that were released.

The games depicted on the stickers are classics.  The only one I believe that is missing from this assortment, that I’ve seen in others, is Rad Racer.  I’ll end this here, but I will give you another scan of the reverse side of the package.  Look at all of their suggestions for “Fun things to do with stickers”.  Only in the 80’s.

12 Responses to “Random Quickie #2 – The Official Nintendo Video Game Stick-Ons”

  1. Oh yeah! those are great 😀

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    I remember these i think my cousins had some of these at one point.

  3. These look so familiar. There’s a good chance I had a set of these back in the day.

  4. They were really digging for things to stick them on…ears? Great post!

  5. i like how rob the robot is at the helm of that sticker package. good stuff!

    • R.O.B. would be a big selling point for me. C’mon, he was such a cool looking robot, and they only made 2 games that were compatible with him. I would love to have one now, just as a display piece.

  6. I used to have these as a kid. Thanks for the memories!

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