Tranformers Universe Backstop

Since a few of us are testing ourselves to see if we can last the month of February without buying any toys, I had to open “The Vault”, and see what I had at my disposal.  I found that I had some carded toys that I would be willing to open.  When collecting toys, the first thought should be that you are buying it as a collector.  If you are buying toys only to keep them in their original packaging, you are an investor.  While I do have a small number of toys that I don’t plan on opening, 98% of the toys I buy I plan on opening and displaying.  But, I’d say I buy 40% of my toys loose anyway.  That being said, let’s open up a Transformer!

I bought this guy for around 5 dollars a few years back.  The main reason I picked him up was because he is very reminiscent of Slag from the G1 Dinobots.  He looks like a cross between a rhino and a triceratops.  While he doesn’t have the 2 upper horns, he still resembles a triceratops(to me anyway).

His transformation is classified as level 2, and that was appropriate, because I had absolutely no trouble during the transformation process.  The gimmick with this line is “Cyber Planet Key”.  The Cyber Planet Key is a piece of plastic you insert into a specific spot on the figure to activate a special feature.  With Backstop here, it activates the “Ramming Robo-Horn”.

While in robot mode, he is short and stocky, but looks pretty sweet.  My only qualm is, that most of the alternate mode is not hidden when he’s in robot mode.  But that’s okay, because I don’t have any Beast Wars figures, and my collection can always use a little variation.

All in all, a pretty nice figure.  One day I will have a real Dinobot, but for now, Backstop is my Dinobot.

8 Responses to “Tranformers Universe Backstop”

  1. He’s cool, and does look like a DinoBot.
    I’m hanging in there witht the 28 day challenge… 1/3 the way there!

  2. Close to a Dinobot, but someday you need Grimlock to crown jewel the collection! Start dropping Christmas hints early. Whisper at your better half while she sleeps. Plant the seed like Inception.

    What is this no-toy challenge you speak of? Why would you ever do such a thing?

    • It’s a challenge from Chunky B over at Eclectorama. A few other blogs have stepped up to take this challenge. It’s tough, but you know me and Transformers, so I may not last much longer.

  3. Jboypacman Says:

    Am not too crazy about his robot mode but i love his Dino mode. You should look into picking up those Dinobots they released for Transformers Animated. : )

  4. I’ve still got my old G1 Grimlock. it’s one of the jewels in my toy collection. Of course, being that my toy collection isn’t really much to speak of, that may not be saying much.

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