Monday, Monday…

New content tomorrow.  I promise.  As a some of you know, I have joined a few others, and will try to not purchase any toys for the month of February.  I do have some other stuff I will post.  I am also expecting a package from my nephew Joe.  He has some stuff he’s going to send me.  Thanks to Chunky B over at Eclectorama for this challenge!  Let’s see how long I will last.

I will leave you with these photos.  G1 Transformers in HD.  Thank you HUB!!

7 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. Jboypacman Says:

    Hey i see WheelJack in these pictures! One of my favorite Transformers.

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    Yeah he is supposed to be coming out soon if he is already not out. Am going to ask for him for my Birthday in April i think. : )

    • He’s high on my want list. I’ll probably get him as soon as I spot him. I’ll even put money aside and wait until then. It’s funny how sites have him on pre-order for $15.95-$19.95, when Wal-Mart will have him for $9.00. The Thundercracker in that wave is sweet as well, but he’s just a repaint, and I REALLY want Wheeljack!

  3. Wheeljack’s always been one of my faves too, but he’s always been pretty lacking in the toy department. They just don’t make that many of him. The best ones are the original G1 ones though. It’s on my want list as well.

  4. Kick ass, that’s my SHOW right there, i tell you what.

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