My Favorite Comic Book Covers #2 (The #1s)

Okay.  I had fun doing the last comic book cover entry, so I will continue to write posts about them.  The title of this post refers to the first issue of a comic.  This installment will feature six comics!  It was hard to narrow it down, but I could always write a part 2.  Let’s get to it!

X-Men Vol.2 #1

This was a huge deal when it hit shops in 1991.  Jim Lee was just starting to get huge, and with 3 or 4 variant covers, this was a hot item.  Of all of the covers for this issue, this is the only one I own.  This one folds out to reveal a larger picture(maybe I’ll dig it out at a later date and show you).  This cover stands out, because it takes up the whole canvas.  There’s no borders, or pricing, or artists and writers names on the cover, just a small Marvel Comics logo.  I love the logo and Jim Lee was definitely at the top of his game when he drew this!  I got this(along with a handful of other comics with covers done by Jim Lee), signed at one of he few Big Apple Comic-Con’s I attended around 2001-2002.  There was no limit set,and I waited behind people with stacks of books.  I also ended up getting him to sketch Logan for me(eventually you’ll get to see that too).  A really awesome cover from a really awesome guy!

The Maxx #1

That first shot is the glow-in-the-dark cover of the first issue for The Maxx.  The one below it is the more common one(I also have the 3-D version but the cover isn’t all that different and it’s not in 3-D).  Sam Kieth is my all-time favorite artist.  He has done some pretty weird stuff, and this is no exception.  I own all 35 1/2 issues, and the story combined with Kieth’s artwork is mind blowing.  And while the show on Mtv was pretty good, just as with books, the comics are better.  I was pretty bummed out that he had to cancel his appearance at a convention that I went to, but Sergio Aragones was there, so it wasn’t a total loss(more on that at another time).  In the future we’ll see his renditions of Batman, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, The Hulk and many more, all in his trademark style.

The Punisher #1 (mini-series)

When I started collecting comics, The Punisher quickly became my favorite.  This is the first issue of the 4 part(really 5 part) mini-series.  While Mike Zeck was the penciler for the interior art (issues 1-4), he and Phil Zimelman painted the covers.  These books have a certain style that’s just incredible.  I remember looking at the price guides and seeing these issues going for like 40-50 dollars.  This was years before graded comics were even heard of, so prices for ungraded copies are now considerably lower.  I had always wanted this mini-series, and I effectively hunted every issue down during my early twenties.  To this day, they remain some of the most unique renditions of The Punisher that I have ever seen.

The Savage Dragon #1

When Image Comics formed in 1992, they had a lot of hype going for them.  Here was a company that was formed by some of the top artists in comics.  The Savage Dragon here, is the creation of Erik Larsen.  You could guarantee that everyone in my age group at the time was buying up every issue of every new comic they released.  Back in those days, I was a sucker for the first issue of any comic.  I guess I was thinking if it was a number 1, it would be worth big bucks in the future.  While these books aren’t rare or expensive, I have great memories of the times they were first released, and that means more to me than the value of a comic.  The guy is a human dragon hybrid with a fin on his head…what’s not to like?

Beetlejuice #1

Now while this isn’t the copy I had then, I can still remember where I picked up this issue first.  I believe we were visiting my step mom’s mother in the hospital, and my brother and I were allowed to get an item from the gift shop(probably just to shut us up and keep us occupied).  Obviously, the comic above was my choice.  This is based on the Beetlejuice animated series, and like others before it, the quirky style called to me.  I can remember pouring over this series trying to draw what I was seeing.  Please give it a read before you turn your nose up at me.  🙂

Stupid #1

This was supposed to be a series that actually made fun of Image properties.  Sadly, there were no further issues after this initial release.  Hilary Barta was the artist for this series, and I love his style.  Barta worked as an inker( a tracer[that was a joke, sorry Hilary]), and penciler for quite a few titles in the 80s.  Here we see how he exaggerated Spawn’s cape.  A few pages in, his cape is actually stapled to the page, it’s quite funny.  Barta’s style compliments the comedy contained within.  Here is the “Where’s Aldo” work he did at the end of this comic.

I absolutely love it!  There is so much going on, and again his style is intriguing.  I wish they went along with further issues, because look at what would have been next.

9 Responses to “My Favorite Comic Book Covers #2 (The #1s)”

  1. those were all just great, Man- you got to keep this goin’… you have some interesting stuff

    • With all the positive feedback I’ve been getting, I will definitely keep this theme going. I can’t promise my next post will be about comics, because I have a lot more interests, and don’t want this to turn into a comics blog(not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’ve got a plethora of comics to go through, I think parody type comics will be next!

  2. I used to love Image comics. The art was incredible, the computer coloring set it head-and-shoulders above Marvel/DC at the time. Even the paper felt better. Savage Dragon, Maxx, Spawn, freaking Shadowhawk. Whatever happened to Shadowhawk anyway? I remember being all into it (I’m embarassed to admit) and then it just disappeared. Anyway, love this series. It brings back a lot of memories and almost makes me want to hit old Demolition Comics–my old haunt, which is still open to this day.

    • I have the first issue of Shadowhawk as well. I have quite a few number 1 issues, but Shadowhawk’s first issue was just black with embossed silver foil. And you know that Youngblood was not gonna crack into my favorite number 1s. Hit up your comic shop, buy a couple of comics(old and new), and see if you still dig it! “Couldn’t hoit.”

  3. Oh man, there’s so many great comics here! I just now have started getting back into The Maxx through the cartoon series and vol. 1 of the TPB.

    Beetlejuice looks killer and I’ve never heard of Stupid, but the artwork looks incredible- all great books! 🙂

    • As stated, Stupid was limited to the single issue that I have. I don’t know why they cancelled it after the first issue, but at least I have it. If you can find it, I’d recommend picking it up. It shouldn’t set you back more than 4-5 dollars, and it’s worth it. This is the original copy I plucked off the shelf when it was first released. I don’t have too many of the original comics from when I was younger.

  4. Jboypacman Says:

    Cool i had a few of these years ago. : )

  5. Nice assortment here. I’ve owned most of these at some point in my life. I’m still a big Ghost Rider fan and I always loved that cover.

  6. Jason, Thanks for the kind words about Stupid. It was about as short and sweet as it gets. Can’t get much shorter than one issue! I’ve heard a lot of speculation over the years that the cancellation it was due to the Image founders not wanting to be parodied, but that wasn’t the case. The book was cancelled when Image were cutting back, focusing on their main action titles and identity.

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