This past Friday, my wife and I ventured out to Albany to do our Christmas shopping.  We went to the mall and to Wal-Mart, which is where we’ll start the acquistions.

Last Friday, we had our annual Christmas lunch at work.  We have a sort of Secret Santa exchange of gifts(more like a Chinese auction), and I wound up receiving a $5 Wal-Mart gift card.  The first thing I thought about were the Legends Class Transformers that Wal-Mart routinely has for right around five bucks.  I had a choice of three, total.  Granted, they we’re all different, but I kinda felt let down.  But out of the three available, one sounded familiar.

Not only did his name sound familiar.  But, a green dump truck, meant this guy was a Constructicon!  He’s not very detailed and doesn’t have a great range of motion, but for five bucks, he’s a decent pocket sized toy.

While in the mall, I stopped in Hot Topic to see if they had any toys on clearance.  No luck.  But they did have a pretty good selection of candies.  I picked up 3 different ones, but only left with 1(I don’t think $4.99 is a fair price for candy in a collectible container).

So I paid $2.99 for Bob-omb here.  He has a Fun-Dip like, cola flavored candy dust, with a cherry flavored candy stick.  Sounds like a winner to me.

And next up is the great deal that I hyped in the previous post.

First off, I want to show you the receipt for the item purchased.

I had to show you the receipt, because there is an interesting story that goes with this.

I went to the Toys R Us Express in the mall, to check out their selection of Transformers.  And to my surprise, there was a decent selection to choose from.  I had to pass on a few figures that I would have purchased, if we we’re not in the midst of the holiday season.  But, there was a sign on the Transformers rack that more or less said, “Friday and Saturday only: Transformers Animated Deluxe Class figures $6.49.”.  Holy shit!!  The original price they had on these guys was 12 bucks.  The had Oil Slick, Cybertonian Mode Ratchet and 1 or 2 others, including this guy.

I brought him up to the register and he rung up at $18.49.  I explained the sign and showed that this indeed was a Voyager Class Transformers Animated figure.  They looked at the sign and brought over an Oil Slick figure to scan for comparison.  Oil Slick rang up at $6.49.  Oil Slick was also originally priced at $12.00, while Rodimus Minor was priced at $14.99.  And I wasn’t going to buy that figure at any price other than the advertised $6.49.  And that’s exactly what I paid for him.  My guess is that being that Rodimus and Cybertronian Mode Ratchet are Toys R Us exclusives and are priced higher.  I don’t know why they didn’t state an exclusion, but it worked out in my favor and I got this great figure for a penny more than seven dollars!

I love how the sculptors paid tribute to G1 Hot Rod.  It’s the styling of this car that drew me to the figure in the first place.  And in Robot mode, he looks great as well.

I don’t have a full blown review, but if you guys want one I can try.  I was just really happy with such a great Friday that I felt like sharing.

Here are the new guys.  The Batman in the picture was given to me on Saturday from my buddy Clark.  He found him on a beach when he was in Florida and gave him to me.  Now I have to figure out where I’m going to display my new additions.

7 Responses to “Friday”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Sweet! Great prices on some cool toys Jason congrats buddy. I got a little early Christmas money coming on Thursday so i might be venturing out into the mad crowds to pick up something for myself and it just might be Transformers related. : )

    • Thanks Jboy! I think the week after Christmas will be a great time to hit the toys stores to catch the clearance sales as well as returns of toys that might have been hard to find and some ungrateful brats will have their parents return.

  2. Aw man, I wish I saw this yesterday–I would’ve picked up Rodimus myself. I braved the mall traffic to hit Toys R Us and buy gifts for the kids and toy collectors in the fam. That Rodimus looks great and you can’t beat the price! Way to stick to you guns! I was so tempted to pick up an awesome Lex Luthor vs. Skeletor set they had. But at $35 I had to pass. That Skeletor would have looked great with my He-Man cels in my living room. I’m not spending an hour in the parking lot to go again though.

    • It is a Toys R Us exclusive, so you might be able to find it after Christmas. I highly doubt you will find it for the price I did, but it’s worth it for 12 bucks or less.

  3. Jboypacman Says:

    My TRU had a ton of these Rodimus figures and i am temped to get one but am holding out for a Soundwave from this line plus the Rodimus vs Cyclonus w/TargetMaster Nightstick 2-pack from the new TF wave of toys.

  4. If you have a Dollar Tree, check out their candy section. I found a tray of Bob-Bombs there. Everything is a dollar!

    • Yes, I do have a Dollar Tree less than 10 miles from me. A tray of Bob-ombs, you say? I may have to see if my Dollar Tree has any, and maybe build an army of Bob-ombs. Are they the same ones like the one I found? Anyway, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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