New toy display

Well, my computer is out of commission for the moment, so I’m posting this on the Clarkinator’s computer.  Recently, I got a bookshelf to display my loose toys in my bedroom.  The funny thing is, is that it was my wife’s idea.  Now, there are mostly MIB figures and such in “The Vault”.  Without further adieu, toys.

There’s the beast in all it’s glory!

Here’s a shelf by shelf breakdown

On top, we have my boxed N64, boxed Starfox 64 as well as a few random pieces.  You should know what the other stuff is(if you don’t, just ask).  If you look closely you’ll notice Superchicken!

The first shelf is the Transformers/robots shelf.  A mix of Transformers, Rock Lords, Battle Beasts, Voltron and Rokkon from MOTU.

Going down one shelf, we have the TMNT shelf.  This shelf is exclusively dedicated to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except for the picture of Penny, remembered from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.  The picture of Penny is actually cut out from the box of the talking Pee Wee I traded to my brother a couple years ago.

The third shelf is for my wife and I’s wedding memorabilia.

The third shelf of toys is a mix up of lots of great lines.

Here you will see Marvel super heroes from different lines, M.U.S.C.L.E. men, Thunder Cats, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe and many other toy lines.  See how many different ones you can name.

The bottom shelf is stuff that I couldn’t fit on other shelves, or just didn’t belong on them.  I know this is blurry, so, below are a few shots from different angles(of all the shelves).

Well, there you have it.  My new toy display.  That’s not all the toys I own, but it is a nice chunk of them.  Others are stored away, the ones still in their package are still in “The Vault” and I’m certain that I’m not done with the collection yet(far from it).  So, what do you guys think?  Was it worth the wait?  Please share your thought in the comments.  You can even comment on what your favorite piece is.  And later in the day these pictures were taken, I acquired a big ALF plush from The Clakinator, in exchange for an E.T. that I had.  He is now seated on the shelf on the right side of the N64.  Pictures of him will surface at another time.

13 Responses to “New toy display”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Oh wow you were right Jason it was totally worth the wait my friend! Just some awesome toys you have in your collection. I really need to get hold of some Thundercats sometime maybe next year when i hit up the Antique Show i go to 3 times a year. : )

    • Thunder Cats can be pricey, so don’t pounce too quickly. Shop around and haggle. The Panthro I have was selling for $18. After a little haggling and walking away a few times, I scored him for $10. The last day of a show is a great time for this tactic, as sellers want to unload as much as possible. Good luck!

  2. Very nice. I have mine relegated to the displays in the basement, but don’t have nearly as many. Love the collection of TMNT.

  3. pretty cool stuff man. it looks like we’re buying a house pretty soon, and i’ll have the whole basement to display my crap.. i’m looking forward to showing it off soon. right now everything is in boxes. i’m envious of your bookshelf.

    • Yeah. When we buy a house, I get a room for my game and toy collections. My “lair”, so to speak. If there’s a basement, I’ll have the possibility of an awesome game room/toy museum area. I’d like to see pictures when you set yours up.

  4. Sweet collection, I could have sworn I commented on it, but I guess I didn’t. I do remember looking at all that stuff on the TMNT shelf and pouring over that picture, that brought back a load of memories. I also dig your “multi universe hero shelf”

    Greta collection!

    • Thanks! I’ll be hitting up Goodwill this weekend, so hopefully I’ll find some old games or figures. I’ll keep ya posted. I do need more Batman, as I only have one Batman Beyond figure and the little parachuting Batman on the shelf. I know I have a plush one and a pvc one in a box in the closet. Don’t want to use up limited space for those though. Right now it’s a choice collection, and I can’t display everything until we buy a house. But when we do, it will be epic! 🙂

  5. That is a lovely display you have there, sir! I just put up a new toy display shelf myself recently, I’ll have to post some pictures of mine! TMNT figures are sadly not on there though! (they’re all put away in the closet at the moment)

    Very nice!

  6. Nice collection! All my stuff is currently residing in the basement in huge bins! I don’t have enough shelves to display but when we move to a larger house I’d like to have some huge custom built job to house everything. Comics, toys, video games, etc.

    When/if you get any more of the collection set up, post more pics!

    • Will do. The only new guy that’s opened but not on the display yet, is the Cybertronian Bumble bee I just got. Depending on how Christmas goes(I hope I get at least 1 toy), we’ll see if there’s more to set up. After Christmas should be alright, then I’ll hit up some thrift stores and Toys R Us(they always have the best selection and range of action figures), and see what I come home with.

  7. Okay, so I put up a short write-up on my figure display case over on my site! Check it out and let me know what you think, although most of my older figures, like Real Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles, are in storage right now and not displayed. I noticed we both have The Maxx though! Cool!

  8. […] be switched around, but I don’t think I had to take anything down to accomplish this.  Click here to see what the display looked like when it first went […]

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