Halloween candy & fast food

I originally planned on doing a post about some of the new Halloween decorations we have purchased over the past couple of weeks, but food doesn’t last as long as plastic and cardboard.

Last week, my wife and I were going to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries, and on our way into the parking lot, we decided to go to the Dollar Tree in the same plaza first.  We had to pick up some thank you cards and electric candles for our pumpkins.  My sole purpose in there was to find Halloween goodies you can only find at a dollar store.  I wanted to find a candy for review, that I haven’t seen reviewed or mentioned on other sites that I frequent.  Well, the pickens were slim.  I either found something I’ve seen elsewhere, or something that just didn’t seem worthy of a review.  Just as I was about to say fuck it and randomly grab something blindly, I noticed this most excellent package!

Grave Gummies Candy!  For a dollar store candy, they went all out with the fancy Halloween theme.  Before we get down to business, I have to show you what I found on the reverse side of the package.  Remember, I picked this up at the dollar store.

Go ahead and click on it to make it larger.  You have to be able to soak it in.  Truly amazing!  I love the skeletons.  They gettin’ down with they bad self!  They’re even dressed up in costumes!  Now the same graphics can be found scattered around the front of the package, but, they went the extra mile and made a neat little scene on the back.  I’ll tell you right now, that is the best thing about this candy.

On the individual wrappers the gummies say “Yummy Gummie”.  We tasted each one individually, to see if there were different flavors, or just dyed differently with the same flavor.  I’m happy to report that they come in four flavors, all identified by a different colored gummie. We found that the orange is orange popsicle, the green is green apple, the yellow is pineapple and the white ones taste like perfume or Lysol(I can’t quite tell).  All are pleasing to the tastebuds, except for the white ones.  So we got 9 good pieces of candy for a dollar.  Not bad.

While they’re not terrible, these will be finding their way into trick-or-treaters bags on Sunday.  And while we’re on the subject of gummies…….here’s one my buddy Clark gave to me the night before my wedding.

It’s a gummy brain.  This one is from “Gummy Body Parts Candy”.  I saw these on my trip to the dollar store.  This was a pretty good tasting brain!  Very colorful, and very sweet.  I think this was a Neapolitan brain.  Here’s why.

A three colored brain!

Now, onto something that was tasty, but did not come from Dollar Tree.

McDonald’s Halloween pails!  I had first heard of these over at X-Entertainment, when Matt did his review of them a week and a half ago.  While they’re not on the same level as our beloved McBoo pails, they are not without their merits.  First of all, they’re Mr. Potato Head themed!  I would’ve preferred Halloween McNuggets on the pails, but I can roll with Mr. Poato Head.  Second, I love the detailed handles!  The orange one has the bad-ass skull and cross bone(?), while the green one has the cute pumpkin.  Each comes with stickers on the reverse side of the cardboard lid.  The stickers are of different spooky body parts for you to stick on the naked spuds that adorn the pail.  I give major props to whoever was responsible for this!  It’s something different than your standard food & toy in a box, or bag.  Just a fair warning, bad pun coming up………I’m lovin’ it!

And to think, I was gonna title this post as “Ronald McDollarstore”.

8 Responses to “Halloween candy & fast food”

  1. If I didn’t know better, I’d say your banner was from Lake George. I’d recognize that vintage coke machine anywhere.

    • Ok, turns out that the Coke machine isn’t vintage…but that Haunted Wax Museum storefront and the town in the reflection looks mighty familiar.

    • Damn, you’re good! Yep, I got my picture with Frankenstein outside of the wax museum in Lake George. That picture was taken in 2009, during the Labor Day weekend. The usual banner of me with the Crash Test Dummies, was taken right up the street, that same weekend.

  2. I love a bad pun and I love the neopolitan brain! Hahaha nice! I read the post about McBoo pails and immediately wanted one. My wife didn’t exactly veto it, but the look I got was one that said, “Prepare to be joked on relentlessly if you get one.” So, I backed down–for now.

    • Who cares what other people think?! I even went as far as walking into McDonald’s and ordering 2 Happy Meals(so I could get both pails), in person. If they make you happy, screw what other people say! I don’t know how long they’ll last, so you might want to go out and get yourself a set. And nobody will ridicule you anymore than they did for wearing that Naruto headband. 🙂

      • Hahaha! I forgot about that video. They cornered me in all my anime nerd glory! The producer isn’t supposed to be on camera! Oh, I wasn’t at all concerned with what anybody would think–god, if I cared about that I wouldn’t post 99% of the stuff I do on my site. It was a deflection. My wife’s expression about McBoo was one of evil anticipation. You could tell that she was already planning how she was gonna have fun with this one, which is why I said, “eh, some other time.” Had to let those thoughts brewing in her head die.

  3. jboypacman Says:

    I saw those very Gummy Mummies down the road at our dollar store and almost bought them but was not sure if they would taste good or not. Might have to grab some now before the weekend.

    • All of them taste pretty good, except for the white ones. For a dollar, they are top notch. And like I said, at a price point of one dollar, the package is fantastic. Highly recommended.

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