I’m baaaacccckkkk

Well, as most of you know, this past Saturday, I took the plunge, and am now a happily married man.  Got some more Halloween decorations, and carved our pumpkins yesterday.  See ya at 7:00PM or so!!!

10 Responses to “I’m baaaacccckkkk”

  1. Congrats and welcome back! Oh, and that cake, no matter how good it was, will taste like shit after a year in the freezer. It’s a weird tradition, but just grin and bear it for the lady. Say nothing unless she breaks first.

    • Thanks! Oh, she already broke! When she heard that, she was like, “we have a small freezer, and I ain’t eating cake that’s been frozen for a year!” And I wasn’t gonna argue with that. First off, I’m not big on cake(although the cake was delicious). Second, she is right, we have a small freezer. And third, I don’t think I’d eat anything frozen, after it’s been in my freezer(or any freezer for that matter), for a year, unless the expiration date hasn’t past.

  2. congrats! me and the girlfriend recently had The Talk about the year old cake thing. (we’re getting married next september) I didn’t wait to hear her thoughts. you have to stand for something. I’m too OCD for that kind of thing.

    • Thanks! I wish you luck for your wedding, although you have plenty of time to iron out the details. And I’m sure I’ll congratulate you, on The Pizza(still one of the greatest blog titles ever).

  3. YAY FOR YOU! Many congrats, friend!

    • Thank you kb. Seems like alot of the people from X-E have recently got married, are married, or are getiing married. I can’t say that marriage is a bad thing. So far, I’m having a blast! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Jason! I wish you many happy years!

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