My spooktacular Saturday

My Saturday started out routinely, with me waking up and having a cup of coffee.  Shortly after, my fiancee woke up, and informed me we had to go to Albany to get my duds for our upcoming wedding.  While we were out there we would go to BJ’s to pick up a few groceries.

Now, I have to go off track for a minute.  After we left BJ’s, my fiancee asked me where I wanted to go for lunch.  We drove around for a few minutes and I had decided on Chili’s, and then she spotted a new establishment.  The place was Recovery Sports Grill.  She said that there was one near her job and she has heard a lot about the place.  So we go in, and there are flat screen tvs in all sizes, all over the place.  They have these little wireless receivers that emit sound from whatever tv number you select.  I decided on the only hockey game that was playing.  So I set my receiver to 6 and waited to order.  What I ordered was not important.  But what is, is what I found when I entered the rest room.

Yes.  There was a flat screen tv above the urinals.  Now, aside from Cribs, I have never see such a thing in person.  When I first went in, I wasn’t armed with a camera, so I made a second trip right before we left to snag a few pics.

Next up was Target, and I was there for only one reason.  And for a change, it wasn’t for toys.  It was for what my fiancee noticed immediately, that I would’ve walked right past, totally oblivious to it’s presence.  And it’s what I came specifically for.

The elusive monster cereals.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Count Chocula and Franken Berry in supermarkets even when it’s not around the Halloween season.  But in recent years, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  On the bottom of the back of the box it says, “Grab your boxes of monster cereals before they disappear for another year!”  Now they’re seasonal!?!?  While this was the purpose of the trip, I did check out their Halloween goodies and took a few shots.

I had to leave all of that behind, but I did leave with what I came for.

Now, I thought my day would be over after this, but shortly before we checked out, my fiancee asks me, “Do you want to go to Party City?, Because I don’t mind.”  Stunned, it took about 2 seconds for me to answer, “Hell yeah!”  While their selection isn’t  balls-out, it’s decent.  Hell, you might even find a deal.  I’ll show ya what I picked up after I show you a few pictures of their wares.

I started to get excited as we made our way to the entrance.

Off to a good start.

I have to come back for the bucket-o-eyeballs!

These guys are just creepy.  They would’ve scared the shit out of me when I was a child.

All in all.  Not too bad.

I left with the one thing(s) that I wasn’t sure they would have.

The Giant Lawn Stake Hands.  Matt over at X-E reviewed these this past September.  I thought they were neat, and I never imagined the opportunity would present itself.  I happened upon the last pair, on a hook way over my head.  I asked the nearest employee if they could help me.  I just had to wait while she went and got a ladder.  I wasn’t moving until I had those giant hands.  If I had a child, I would’ve hoisted him/her in the air and have them snag them for me.  Just like the Party City Matt picked his up at, these babies were ten bucks.  Considering their size, they are absolutely worth it.




On our way to Party City, I saw a guy dressed in a costume directing people to the Spirit Halloween store.  I got a shot of him, from a distance.  I thought he was Charmeleon from Pokemon, and my fiancee thought he was a goldfish.  Hey, we were moving kinda fast and we didn’t notice him until the last minute(hence the far away shot).

After zooming in, he looks an awful lot like Gumby’s pal, Pokey.  I could be wrong.  What do you think?


8 Responses to “My spooktacular Saturday”

  1. A solid argument could be made for either a Pokemon or Pokey. My vote is a generic orange mouse. We have a sports bar in the South called Beef O Brady’s that has TV’s in the bathroom. I love it! They also have, by far, the best buffalo wings ever created. EVAR! The lawn hands are awesome. I saw Matt’s review and keep meaning to pick up a pair, but that means braving the Brandon, FL mall traffic, which I only do in the case of a dire emergency or the release of a huge video game.

    • I didn’t try out Recovery’s wings, but I did get the buffalo chicken sandwich, and it was superb. It was awesome to be taking a leak and watching tv. The giant hands are worth the trip! They seem to be in short supply, as I found the last pair in the Party City I went to. Think of an excuse to go out there(dinner, attraction, maybe just go cruisin’).

  2. I think I am anti-hot pink skeletons.

    • Yeah. Me too. I just had to grab a picture of that craziness. I have a silver glitter covered skull, but I didn’t purchase it. I think some companies are just throwing out complete garbage and seeing what sticks. Try to get the people who aren’t all into Halloween, to buy some Halloween decorations. Hot pink skeletons don’t scream spooky. It’s more like, “Oh, that skeleton is adorable! Where did you get it? You know, my daughter is five years old and would absolutely love this!”. There’s a lot less traditional stuff for sale these days.

  3. Man, I feel cheated on Monster cereals so far! I need my BooBerry fix, like really bad! And I haven’t come across a box of that or even FrakenBerry yet. That’s it, I’m going out today, and I’m not coming home until I’ve got my box of BooBerry!

    • It’s hard to find at any other place than Target. Target is a savior when it comes to cereal, especially the monster cereals. They come through in the toy department as well.

  4. I love that the basic orange, plastic candy-holdin’ punkin bucket hasn’t gone anywhere for 30 years. They still make that thing and it still looks exactly the same as it did when I was a kid.

    • Yeah. As much as things change, it’s quite comforting that some things stay the same. There are ones with some variation, but it’s not like you can’t find the classic orange, no frills simple pumpkin bucket. Life is good.

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