The 360 is outta here!

Yes.  I got rid of my 360 this past weekend.  It had 2 things going against it.  1-It was a first generation 360(crap).  and 2-I hardly ever play it(I only owned 3 games)

I traded it in at the local independent game store for some cash and some credit.  The credit went to his old school section.  The cash(while not much), went towards bills.  I also put my new car(new to me, it’s a ’94 Camry), on the road this past Friday.

I will post the old school trade-ins as well as a second cool find at the Dollar General later this evening.  Count on a photo or two related to fall/Halloween as well.

Adios amigos!

2 Responses to “The 360 is outta here!”

  1. You ditched your 360 just a week after Halo Reach. So sad.

    • I’m not a Halo fan. Nothing against the franchise, it’s just not the genre of game I prefer to play. I play my older consoles way more.

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