In total I got 42 dollars in cash and 30 in trade.  That’s 72 bucks and I only paid 100 for it over a year ago.  It was hardly used, it had an Intercooler fan on it.So it was a little loud and taking up space.  There are some games that I would like to play for it, but the video store closed down and I can’t afford 60 dollars for games right now.

I still have the NES, the SNES, the PS2 and the Gamecube(the 64 is boxed up in the closet).  I play these systems way more than I played the 360.

The game store has a vintage room with games ranging from Intellivision to N64.  If I purchase games from this store, it more than likely came from this room.  And over half of the store credit I got went for games in this room.  And here is everything I used the store credit for.

 Jeopardy! Junoir Edition had the Super Mario Bors./Duck Hunt manual in the box instead of the correct manual.  Dr. Mario is complete, and the boxes for both games are in great shape.  I also picked up Pokemon Gold for the Game Boy.

Here is something I thought you guys would find interesting.  As I was playing Jeopardy! Junior Edition, shortly after I got it, I played a few games and came across these categories…ALF.  And Captain Power.  I saw that and thought it was the greatest thing.  I got 4 out of 5 of the ALF questions right and 0 out of 5 right for Captain Power.  There are other answers in a lot of the other categories that have 80s written all over them.  Actors, tv’s great.  If you’re an 80s kid and know your stuff from school, you’ll ace this game.  I did well, but not awesome.  I don’t remember much about the American Revolution, sorry.

I also used a small portion of the proceeds to buy something not video game related.

About two weeks ago, I told you how I went to the local Dollar General and found Soundwave.  Well on that trip I had also spotted a Robot Heroes 2 pack.  I was torn between that and Soundwave.  They were both five bucks and I weighed my choices, I could only get one.  In the end it was Soundwave.  After I left the game strore, I decided to go check out Dollar General and see if those Robot Heroes were still there.  I checked the aisle I last saw them in on the previous trip.  No luck.  I decided to further check the stores aisles, and found more toys in a completely different, not even close aisle.  Two minutes later I was on my way to the checkout with these two.

Aotobot Blaster and Thrust.  I have always thought the Robot Heroes line looked pretty cool, but I never see them in stores.  Thrust was the deciding factor for this purchase.  The Decepticon seekers have one of the nicest looking robot modes of all the Transformers.  And I don’t believe I owned a single one growing up.  Looking at the back of the packaging, I got the one I would’ve chosen, given a choice of the four.

Although Rumble does look pretty sweet.  But I’m torn on whether to open them or not.  All in all, I have a new found appreciation for Dollar General.  If I go there in 2 weeks and they still have the Transformers Universe Brushguard that I’ve seen on the past two visits, they will be my go to place.  Kind of like my version of The Magic Grocery Store.

2 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. Ah! Doctor Mario! I’m an insane Luigi fan and seing so old game brought old memories to me, when I played Super Mario with my sister 20 years ago. She always played with Mario, I always chose Luigi.

  2. That’s a great idea to play old video games like Jeopardy for some pop culture nostalgia trivia. I am thinking that I would get around 2/5 right for both topics since I was a casual fan of both shows.

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