You have a choice

I will do a post about something this evening.  But, I’ll let you guys choose what it will be about.

First, would you like a review of the Tracker Hound Transformer I bought a few weeks ago?  Would you like a review of the awesomeness I found at my brother’s house(I thought this item was long gone)?  Or, would you like to see a post about neither of those two, and suggest something else?

The choice is yours.  You have about 8.5 hours to decide.  Choose wisely.

***If I get no responses, I’ll randomly draw one of my suggestions from a hat(literally).

3 Responses to “You have a choice”

  1. I am intrigued by the awesomeness you thought was long lost.

  2. What did you find at your brothers?

    • That is a surprise. I found a few things of mine there. I don’t want to say what. If that’s what you want to know, I’d say vote for it. I’ve already got 1 vote for that, with under 4 hours remaining. If you want to see what it is vote for it, and that will be 2 votes to none.

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