“Tonight, tonight! It’s comin’ tonight!”

So I made a sweet purchase last night.  Well, 2.  I did buy Adventures in Babysitting on dvd, but that’s not what the title is referring to.  And no, it’s not A Christmas Story on dvd(I already own that, and if you didn’t know that the title of this post was a quote from that very movie, shame on you).  I don’t want to say what it is, because that will kill the suspense.  I will say that I will be snapping some pictures this afternoon and posting the surprise no later than 8:00PM(it could be way earlier though, so check back soon).  I say no later than 8:00PM, because, I like to procrastinate and I might get sucked into cable programming.  But it’s such a cool item and I really want to write about it.  Are you exited?  I know I am!

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