Beverage review #3

Alright!  This one has been a long time in the making.  The long fable third Beverage review.  This is the last remaining can of the beverages I brought back from Ohio.  Now, I had never had nor have I ever heard of this mysterious drink.  I saw this in the store, but didn’t even contemplate getting it.  I just wanted to get my two twelve pack of Barq’s Red Creme Soda(the last 2 on the shelves).  When the cashier rang me up, he asked, “You wanna get 2 more?  They’re on sale 4 for 10 bucks.”  So, I said “Yeah.  I’ll be right back.”  I had to decide quick.  So I grabbed a twelve pack of Barq’s Root Beer and a twelve pack of a non native to NY of the stuff right next to the root beer.  Here is that non native soft drink.

I’m not sure if it’s ALE 81 or ALE eight one.  At first I thought this would taste like a horrible beer like drink.  I was totally wrong.  It’s actually like ginger ale, a smoother seemingly less carbonated like ginger ale.  Maybe I’m just a little slow and I should’ve surmised that the name of the drink was a description of the drink’s actual flavor.

It’s a nice champagne colored soft drink.  One thing I noticed about ALE 81(that’s what I’m calling it), is that it lacks the bite of say, Seagram’s ginger ale.  I frankly, was not impressed.  So, my fiancee ended up drinking the majority of it.  One last thing, look above the logo on the can…there’s a slogan that says, “A late one.”  Maybe I should’ve drank it late at night.  Or maybe I should’ve mixed it with some liquor.  This my friends, does not get my recommendation.

3 Responses to “Beverage review #3”

  1. Ginger ale = blech! The only time I have ever drank ginger ale is when I was sick and my grandparents brought it swearing it was some magical healing elixir. The web address on the can says, so I’m pretty sure they want you to call it “Ale Eight-One.”

  2. Ice cold ginger ale is okay. This stuff was less bubbly and I didn’t like the taste(too sweet for ginger ale). And I’m still gonna call it ALE 81. It’s not like I’ll see it very often. 🙂

  3. oh, man.. I’m a native Ohioan and this is a beloved local favorite.. – heard you can even get it in slushee from in parts of Kentucky

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