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Back to the Future II trading cards revealed!

Posted in Trading cards with tags , on August 15, 2010 by Jason

Finally two posts in one day!!  It would seem that I was teasing everyone with a day of two posts.  There has been some request that I open the sealed pack of Back to the Future II cards I aquired on vacation.  I was just as curious, and figured, what the hell!?  Let’s have a look-see.

Sealed pack.

Trading cards.

Ancient gum.

I did not get one single cool card.  No glimpse of the future.  I must aquire a hoverboard card!  The pack is copyrighted 1989.  Ther is no way that I will try to chew 21 year old gum!  Isn’t gum supposed to stretch?  That’s not the case with this shit!  I was able to break it into gum shredding shards.  Here’s a look at a few of my favorite cards.


The sticker is my personal favorite.  That is a pretty sweet jacket Marty has.  The “Retrieving the almanac” card gained my favor by having a Pee Wee Herman look alike wearing a red tie.  And any card that has two different frames on it is instantly cool.  I’ll be honest and tell you that it has been many years since I last saw this movie.  Upon viewing these cards, I realised that I must soon watch it again.  Stay tuned for future trading card adventures!

Beverage review #3

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Alright!  This one has been a long time in the making.  The long fable third Beverage review.  This is the last remaining can of the beverages I brought back from Ohio.  Now, I had never had nor have I ever heard of this mysterious drink.  I saw this in the store, but didn’t even contemplate getting it.  I just wanted to get my two twelve pack of Barq’s Red Creme Soda(the last 2 on the shelves).  When the cashier rang me up, he asked, “You wanna get 2 more?  They’re on sale 4 for 10 bucks.”  So, I said “Yeah.  I’ll be right back.”  I had to decide quick.  So I grabbed a twelve pack of Barq’s Root Beer and a twelve pack of a non native to NY of the stuff right next to the root beer.  Here is that non native soft drink.

I’m not sure if it’s ALE 81 or ALE eight one.  At first I thought this would taste like a horrible beer like drink.  I was totally wrong.  It’s actually like ginger ale, a smoother seemingly less carbonated like ginger ale.  Maybe I’m just a little slow and I should’ve surmised that the name of the drink was a description of the drink’s actual flavor.

It’s a nice champagne colored soft drink.  One thing I noticed about ALE 81(that’s what I’m calling it), is that it lacks the bite of say, Seagram’s ginger ale.  I frankly, was not impressed.  So, my fiancee ended up drinking the majority of it.  One last thing, look above the logo on the can…there’s a slogan that says, “A late one.”  Maybe I should’ve drank it late at night.  Or maybe I should’ve mixed it with some liquor.  This my friends, does not get my recommendation.