Yard sale finds #1

Part of this post was written last night.  It was getting late, and I was only about a third of the way into it, so I decided to finish it today.

Well, I planned om doing a post for a village wide garage/yard sale and my band’s performance last night.  However, with me being all excited about the sales forgot the friggin’ camera.  I know the performance was recorded, so maybe I can post a video of that on a later entry.  I will show you pictures of the stuff that I found yard saling though.  So without further adieu, meet the newest members of my family.

Up first it’s Winston Zeddmore and Ray Stantz, the two second-tier Ghostbusters(IMO).  C’mon, everybody knows Egon and Peter were the favorites.  Am I right?  Anywho, they are welcome additions to my collection.  And at a buck apiece, I couldn’t resist.  We will see that one dollar is a recurring theme.  Wow!  Just typing that made me think of Robocop!  I’d buy that for a dollar!

Moving right along.

Now, let me just state that I am a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I have and read the original black and white Mirage comics(and Image for that matter).  And if you were a kid in the eighties, very much like you, I was a rabid fan of the cartoon and the very extensive toy line.  I still wake up on Saturday mornings to watch TMNT Fast Forward on the CW(I swear TMNT is the the only watchable thing on that channel).  So, our next two finds are from that extensive toy line.

Here we have Wacky action Michaelangelo.  I think there’s supposed to be a ripcord that you would have to use to see this supposed “Wacky Action”.  And next to Mikey we have King Lionheart.  I never had this particular figure as a kid, but I have this thing where I want to get every obscure figure from the Turtles first 6-7 years.  I found these two guys in a bin where a father and his son were snatching up every Marvel super hero made in the last 20 years.  There were some other notable figures in there, but they were in bad shape.  I’ll give you a few examples…There was a Robotic Rocksteady(such a shiny toy), but his left arm was missing at the elbow.  I also saw Chromedome(he wasn’t missing any limbs), let’s just say chome shouldn’t have been in his name.  He was more black than silver or chrome, or gray for that matter.  These guys cost me…you guessed it.  A buck apiece.

Our next entry is not something as awesome as Ninja Turtles, but nevertheless, she was worth the buck I paid for her.  Ladies and germs, please welcome Sonya Blade!

I always thought the Street Fighter G.I Joes were cool little action figures.  I stumbled upon Sonya in the same bin as I found the TMNT figures.  She is a little bigger than your standard G.I. Joe, and was manufactured by Toy Island, with no stamped date(there is a Midway Games copyright on her butt, so I don’t think it’s a bootleg).  And just like her new friends, I didn’t even flinch at the $1.00 price tag.

The last toy I’m showcasing was my favorite find of the day.

 Here we have a 2007 Transformers Animated Optimus Prime.  When I bought our hero here, he was in his big rig mode.  I spent the next 30-40 minutes in the car on the way home trying to transform him in to robot mode!  The friggin’ thing was like a Rubik’s cube.  I think Optimus looks pretty bad-ass in his robot mode anyway.  And that’s fortunate, cuz I don’t think I’ll have the urge to transform him back to his vehicle mode.  He was definitely my best spent dollar.

Lastly, we saw these two swank director’s chairs, and we couldn’t resist.  These chairs set us back by ten dollars.  And they’re actually pretty sweet.  We were even debating getting our names embroidered on the backs.  The only problem with that is that if we decide to ever sell them, people might be a little hesitant to buy a chair with someone else’s name on it.

 Well that is all I have for now.  I have couple of ideas stewing at the moment, and I’m sure I’ll post tomorrow evening/night.  On a closing note, I’d like to let you know the reception for my band was great and I had an incredible time.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a copy of the recording and share it with everyone.

5 Responses to “Yard sale finds #1”

  1. Hey Jason, I noticed you were commenting on a lot of my old posts, so I thought I’d check yours out. Awesome King Lionheart find. Nice director’s chairs too. I used to have an orange one as a kid that was one my prized finds at a flea market. I had ambitions to be a movie director back then, and I thought having that chair made me that much closer to being one.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am thoroughly enjoying your site. I will be putting it on my blogroll sometime today. And yes, I couldn’t believe I found King Lionheart for only a buck. I’ll be going to Cincinnati for vaction July 1st, so I will have alot to write about. Well, back to The Surfing Pizza for me.

  2. […] 2-pack from 2008.  I found the Optimus Prime from this set last year, you can see him here.  All I need is Optimus’ axe accessory, and I’ll be set.  To the right, we have […]

  3. ''RAVEN'' Says:

    ”That’s the problem with yard sales .You know Exactely what you’re looking for ,and after you rumage around through several tote containers,you come up empty handed AND disappointed,Especially when looking for hidden gems ,such as…The 1986 COBRA NIGHT RAVEN S3P BLACK V.I.P. JET TRANSPORT PLANE.”

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