Skateboard Action

Well, I just found out how to work my scanner.  And that’s good news.  Because, now I can spotlight a great piece of literature I thought would be best shared with you.

Let’s take a trip back to 1987.  Robocop gives us a new futuristic hero.  Michael Jackson let everyone know how Bad he was.  And Snapple just began to offer us drinks made “from the best stuff on Earth”.  But, even more epic than that, Willowisp Press gave us Skateboard Action!

This right here is a gem of a find.  I went with my fiance to visit her great grandmother, who lives at at senior living facility.  On the way into the building there is an old library cart with books for sale by donation(you decide what you want to pay).  I was browsing the old romance novels and 60s-80s suspense novels when I happened across a magazine(or book fair book?), and I had to own it.  This was before I had a blog of my own, and I wanted a review of it.  Originally I wanted to submit this to x-entertainment for review, but things happened and it got tossed into the closet a.k.a. “The Vault”.Then, I started my own blog and this immediately popped into my head.

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you…Skateboard Action!  Click on any picture for a closer look.

This made for some informative reading.  I dabbled in skateboarding in my pre-teen years, but the guys within these pages were insane thrill seekers with a flair for fashion!  Just take a look at the guy in the main picture.  Those tube socks are pretty rad!  Wow!  Did I really wear socks like that?  Yes.  And check out the skateboards.  Compared to the boards you see nowadays, these things look like a boogie board with wheels.

Now the next picture I will display for you is quite interesting.  When I first saw it I thought Darlene’s boyfriend, David Healy was in a cheesy 80s skatboard rag.  Here, have a look for yourself.

Check that shit out!  I think I remember having a similar pair of shorts(jeez, I hope they weren’t that tight).  There were no X-Games back then, this is how “professional skateboarders” competed back then.  I’m sure these guys weren’t making anywhere near as much dough as Tony Hawk or Bam Margera rake in.

Next, we’ll look at some fashion-concious boarders.  I’ll just tell you that Vision Street Wear was big with the skate community, and Lucas(“I love the Power Glove.  It’s so bad.”).  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  These guys show you what was hip in 1987.

To these guys, “skateboarding is a way of life”.  They take their craft seriously!  You’re telling me that Corey Haim(not really), sitting on his skateboard with his flipped up painters cap doen’t look like he should be taken seriously?  The guy without his shirt on looks like a guy who would’ve beaten me up and taken my lunch money.  And those wonderful “jams”.  I didn’t know a kid in my age group who didn’t own a pair.

The next and last part I will show you is my favorite part of the whole publication.  It is The Glossary!  Now I am only going to show you the first page, but there are some useful terms.  Maybe we can bring some of the slang back!

My favorite of the lot is “dwid”.  Dwid- One who is not and cannot ever become “rad”.  That is their definition, I kid you not.  Let’s try to work that into our everyday vocabulary.  “That Tim, doesn’t he know he is a total dwid?  C’mon let’s try it.  The worst that can happen is people will think you’re retarded(Sorry Bill!).  I know this was no Reading Rainbow, but hey!  It was a labor of love!

8 Responses to “Skateboard Action”

  1. jay i love this blog not just cause i was born in 1987 but i love lookin at the old school skaters

  2. Thanks. My pleasure!

  3. That “way of life” article is about the best thing I have seen this month.

  4. I used to be a hardcore skateboarder (or I THOUGHT I was anyway) when I was about 12. My friends and I used to get together and swap wheels and stickers. Not a one of us could actually skate for shit, but having cool wheels was the best status symbol. I had posters of famous skateboarders on my walls and the whole thing. I still have my old board too. It has a picutre of a swamp monster sort of thing on the bottom and it says “Nightstalker” under it. I still love it.

    • I used to skateboard when I was around 12 as well. Looking back, I wasn’t very good. Kick flips and tic-tacs, nothing compared to what these guys today can do. And get this, my friend Harry in the 6th grade made me a skateboard out of 1/4 inch diamond cut steel. All I had to do was supply the trucks and wheels. It looked cool as hell, as for riding it though…that’s another story.

  5. yes that is corey haim on the skateboard he wosent pro but went to all the events in the late 80’s when he wosent acting

  6. corey haim skateboarded in real life in the late 80’s so did corey Feldman also they did some skateboarding in there movies

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