RaNdOmNeSs PaRt II

Alright!  So we left off yesterday knowing that Jason Mewes eats ass.  🙂

I know alot of fans of the Friday the 13th series hated the remake.  I actually thought that it was quite good.  My only gripe was his “alarm”, that shit was ridiculous!  I thought Jason looked great and as menacing as ever.  And I met him.  Ladies and gentlemen…Derek Mears.


Derek was a surprisingly nice guy.  I walked up to him and asked “Hey Derek.  Could me and my friends get a picture with you?”  And he goes, “Let’s do it!”  He’s a big dude.  Notice the look on my buddy Ross’ face?  Everytime I look at this picture I picture him thinking, “This guy can rip my rip my head off at any moment.”

The next thing I would like to talk about is my favorite part of my apartment…my closet a.k.a. “The Vault”.  Any kid that has seen this(some adults as well), stare in awe at this ever growing time machine.  There’s so much stuff crammed and hidden in here.  And I’m sure I’ll probably review and reminisce about a few of these items in the future.  But for now, I will leave that up to your imaginations and maybe some requests.


Before I end this massacre, I would like to thank all who read it.  Reading other blogs is the reason I started one myself.  If anyone has any ideas or requests, please leave them in the comments.  I’m gonna be writing about a bunch of different things and hope to be as entertaining as possible.  And I know I said you would have a chance to win you very own Kool-aid placemat, and I will hold true to my word.  I will leave you with a riddle and the first one to answer correctly wins the placemat. 🙂

What can go up a chimney down?, But can’t down a chimney up?


6 Responses to “RaNdOmNeSs PaRt II”

  1. an unbrealla

  2. cmchurch Says:

    Nice collection in “the vault”. I actually remembered the Nintendo watch you have tacked to the wall…good stuff. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to display all my stuff one day, for now it’s stored away in the basement!

    • Thanks. That’s not everything. I do have other stuff stored away, but the stuff in the vault is either new(to me anyway) or favorites of mine.

  3. Jesus, man, that’s quite a collection. In the 2nd picture, on the bottom right hand corner, what’s that blue Transformer looking thing? Is that a Transformer, or something Robotech related? Good job on the Maxx figure too.

    • You are right assuming that that is a Transformer. That’s a “Revenge of the Fallen” Deluxe Class Smokescreen
      The Maxx figure is one of my favorites. Sam Kieth is my absolute favorite artist. I have the complete run of The Maxx, even the #1 3-D, #1 Glow in the dark cover, I could go on and on.
      Damn I’m a nerd.

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