RaNdOmNeSs PaRt I

Okay.  Here is the second installment of the Jasonvorhees blogosphere.

I had so many ideas for “articles”, that I really couldn’t decide what I wanted to talk about.  Sooo…I figured I would talk about a few different things.  You will gaze in amazement at a rare Kool-Aid artifact(and maybe have a chance to win one).  There will be an appearence of a real life celebrity or two.  And there will be some other stuff that I haven’t really layed out plans for yet.

So the first thing we shall take a look at shall be the rare Kool-Aid artifact that I may have mentioned in the first parargraph.There is no other way to put it, so…BAM!!


Well, there’s both sides of the beast.  The copyright is 1987 General Foods Corporation.  I found 2 of these at a place I like to call the “Red Barn”.  And the reason that I call it this is because it’s basically an antique shop inside of a big red barn.  These seem to be placemats that you would find at some restaurants.  The whole mat is laminated and appears as though you could draw on it with crayons or markers and maybe dry erase?  I would say these have had to come from a restaurant because, I think after about a week of doing the same damn Kool-Aid puzzles over and over again, it would probably become a fixture to the bottom of my closet.  And look at all of the different Kool-Aid men on side A!  All of them on the entire mat seem like they got a little toasted before the photo shoot.  The Kool-Aid man just isn’t himself.  He should be busting through a wall with his patented “Oh yeah!”, but no, he’s moseying up to the kids like…”Hey guys you want some a dis here koolaid.”  Maybe a hyper Kool-Aid man would of made for hyper kids in the restaurant?  Anyway, there were 2 of them for two bucks and I don’t need 2 of them.  There will be a contest at the end of this article for a chance to win the other one.

And now for something completely different.

I love comic books and super heroes.  There are a whole bunch of universes from all comic companies.  When it comes to the top two companies(Marvel & DC), I have to go with Marvel.  But, there is one motherfucker that trumps ’em all!  And he is…Batman!  I’m not gonna rant and tell everyone how much he kicks ass(you should already know that he does).  After I visited a few of the other X-E regulars blogs I found out that DJ D is a huge Batman fan as well.  So DJ, these next few picks are dedicated to you!


I went to a car show up in Lake George, N.Y. last Labor Day weekend.  And on the last night I was there, as I was was passing the casino arcades and T-shirt/novelty/souvenir shops, I saw this amazing machine from like seventy yards down the street.  I immediately took out the camera and went bat-shit(seriously, no pun intended, well, maybe.).  I think I took about a dozen or so pictures.  Now, I can’t tell you if this was one of the actual Bat-Mobiles that was used on the show or not.  But it did have all the bat-goodies I could want.  It really would have been awesome to see Ecto-1 and the Back to the Future modified Delorean, but I’m not complaining.  As a side note, the picture of me with Vince and Larry happened on this very weekend.

I did tell you guys that a celebrity or two was gonna show up, didn’t I?  Well, back in October of 2008 I went to the “Rock n’ Shock” convention out in Worchester,MA.  What was cool about this convention was that during the day in the convention center it was an awesome horror convention and at night, up the block there was a concert at the Palladium(3 different line-ups).  So we we bought combo tickets for the last day and saw ICP.  So, at the convention they had a bunch of celebrities that you could buy autographs from and take pictures with, and I missed Roddy Piper by fifteen fuckin’ minutes!  But not all was lost…I did get pictures with some people you might recognize.

 There’s Jason Mewes of View Askew fame.  He was a really cool  and cordial guy.  I even paid 25 bucks for him to autograpaph a picture of Jay and Silent Bob for me.

Well, this is turning out longer than I thought!  I will continue with Part II tomorrow evening, I promise.  At the conclusion of Part II, you will find out how to win a Kool-Aid placemat of your own.  See ya’ then!!



5 Responses to “RaNdOmNeSs PaRt I”

  1. Two words: Fuck Yeah.

    People obsessed with Star Trek are called Trekkies. If there was a comperable word for Batman fans, I’d definitely be one. I’m at that level of obsession. Battys maybe? I say we officially declare it.

  2. Lotus Says:

    No I’m mutha fuckin BATMAN WOOOOP WOOOOP

  3. Hey! David Bowie Day is comin’ up. Batman Day should be June 29.

  4. Funny you should say that, because Bowie is another huge obsession of mine. For me it goes The Cure and Bowie, then Bauhaus, then a bunch of others…in that order. But The Cure and David Bowie have been my top 2 since I was about 15.

    Other obsessions include Clive Barker, horror in general, werewolves…

    And don’t get me started on Christina Ricci.

  5. I know David Bowie Day is July 18, cuz bill made it up.
    Christina Ricci…..mmmmmmmmm!

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